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Spliff About

Rui Maia, artistic name Spliff, is a producer and rapper at Panela Rec Portugal.

Spliff was born in Lisbon, but grew up with an air of Margem Sul, Mira Tejo and Almada. Passionate about music, he quickly started exploring beats at age 14.

His move to the Cascais line introduced him to the world of hip hop and rap. He started working and has production on music by artists like Bispo, Piruka, Regula and Dillaz.

He was part of crew M75, from 2014 to 2020. Among the various group projects, he released his first works as a rapper, in 2017 the single “Risco” and in 2018 his first album, with the same name. His second Open Tecto project is launched in 2020, produced and written by himself.

In 2021 he joined Panela Rec Portugal.

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