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Stathi Patseas, a Greek Midwesterner, formed by the bleak Omaha winters and ethereal Greek Island summers. It’s this common polarization that feeds his inspiration as a songwriter: the changing seasons, human nature’s unforgiving unpredictability, an eternally toxic political climate, and a desperate curiosity to find purpose.

Often experimenting with half-written songs at Pageturners Lounge and O’Leavers in Omaha, he began dedicating himself to writing truthful, substantive lyrics. The ability to turn a phrase always stood out to him, leading Stathi to find his voice as a solo artist.

In desperate need of shepherding, he enlisted the talents of a musical mentor, Miwi La Lupa (Conor Oberst, Red Baraat). Miwi took the project under his wing and brought with him a familiar rhythm section of Omaha music veteran, Pat Oakes (Cursive, Conor Oberst, Ladyfinger), and added the talented Adam Roberts as engineer. As the basic tracks for the 6 songs were laid out, friends began to add their touch: vocals from Corina Figueroa (Dolores Diaz & The Standby Club) and Michaela Favara (Sucettes), strings from Megan Siebe (Cursive, Simon Joyner), and mandolin/pedal steel from Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes).

After three days at ARC Studios, the record began to come together, with the thanks of mixing/mastering by Josh Valleau (Glass Wall Studios).

Stathi’s voice sits above the music, attempting to make sense of his human experience. Shedding light on romance, family, personal discovery, and a vision for his future, Stathi’s debut release, and first studio experience is “Life Of Compromise”


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