The Gatling Gun Revival About

After an extended hiatus, singer-songwriter Corey Tam and Poubelle International’s Zane Thomas Stroud join forces again to create a fresh collection of songs.

This project has been is a long-winded musical affair that has finally solidified in the form of ‘The Gatling Gun Revival’. Gathering ideas in their spare time and eager to get their hands on any instrument they can find, this folk duo aims to write simple, genuine and introspective songs about love, loss, hope, regret and everything in between. Tam, having been influenced prominantly by the sounds of Elliot Smith, Simon & Garfunkel and the Beatles and Stroud, a Texan raised around church hymns, gospel and country music, combine their experience as songwriters to create an intricate mesh of indie rock, folk, country and bluegrass.

The Gatling Gun Revival Albums