The Goats About

Predating The Roots on using live instrumentation to add a certain flavor to their hip hop music, The Goats were an American alternative hip hop trio from Philadelphia. Its members were rappers Oatie Kato (the frontman), Madd (a.k.a. “the M-A-the-double-D”, a.k.a. Maxx), and Swayzack. The group recorded on Columbia Records / Ruffhouse Records. They released albums Tricks of the Shade (1992) (produced by producer Joe “the Butcher” Nicolo) and No Goats, No Glory (1994), on Ruffhouse Records and Columbia Records respectively.

The politically charged lyrics on tricks of the shade took aim at such figures as then-US President George H. W. Bush, Christopher Columbus, and Daryl Gates. Criticism and observations were made upon topics such as militarism, police brutality, patriotism, classicism, and racism. Other persons mentioned in songs include Nelson Mandela, Willie Horton, Yusef Hawkins, Minnesota Fats and Leonard Peltier. After the release of the first album, lead rapper Oatie Kato had left the group leaving Madd and Swayzack to continue the Goats as a duo.

The album was not as critically successful as Tricks of the Shade, as many felt the content of this album was inferior to Tricks of the Shade, as the album had a more rap rock tinged feel to it. The group disbanded in 1994.

Shortly after the disband, Madd (later rechristened MC Uh-Oh) formed Incognegro, made up of himself and original live instrument players of the goats before later becoming Black Landlord. Oatie Kato went onto to form Jimmy Luxury with James Kehller, and is these days expressing interest in the use of Bitcoin, whereas Swayzack disappeared from all musical activity altogether after The Goats

The Goats Albums

Tricks of the Shade Tricks of the Shade The Goats Released November 3, 1992 6 8