THE NINTH WAVE are a post-punk band hailing from Glasgow, Scotland – consisting of joint lead singers and guitar forefronts Haydn and Millie, with Lewis and Louise on Keyboard/Drums.

In late 2017, Millie joined the band as the new co-vocalist, alongside Haydn; following Elina’s departure. With the band releasing their sophomore EP “Never Crave Attention” the following April 2018- as a well received successor to their debut EP “Reformation”.

The band’s debut album – Infancy, is split into two parts. Part 1 is expected May 3rd 2019 – and will include the singles ‘A Wave Goodbye to the People Who Said I’d Win’ and ‘Half Pure’; alongside the bands two most recent singles; ‘Used to Be Yours’ and ‘First Encounters’.
Part 2 is expected November 15th 2019 and will include 2018’s single ‘Sometimes the Silence is Sweeter’.


Infancy Infancy THE NINTH WAVE Expected November 15, 2019 8 43
FLESCH FLESCH THE NINTH WAVE Released November 9, 2018 4 27
Never Crave Attention Never Crave Attention THE NINTH WAVE Released April 20, 2018 4 37
Reformation EP Reformation EP THE NINTH WAVE Released September 22, 2017 4 41