The Sick Bags About

Upon their formation in the summer of 2017 by guitarist Sinan Kaya & the singer Genco K. Erdem, The Sick Bags started creating music to their liking, with strong roots of post-punk and acoustic rock.

They released their first record as indepent artists in October 2017 and over the course of time, the band and their sound evolved around micro beats, modern synths and distorted guitars.

Band’s record ‘Burn the Bridges’ brings deep vocals and roaring guitars together, with songs that were fueled by custom sets of percussions, created by the band themselves, consisting of the modulated sounds of every-day items. This homemade record was mixed and mastered by Erhan Kabakçı at Jam Sessions Studio in Istanbul and is released by Kare Müzikevi in all digital stores on April 30th, 2018.

The Sick Bags Albums

Burn The Bridges Burn The Bridges The Sick Bags Released April 30, 2018 2 7