The Venus Project About

The Venus Project is a solo side project by Georgia Nott from New Zealand brother-sister duo Broods.
When Georgia began contemplating a solo side project she found herself highly motivated to work with other women.

I had these songs that I’d been writing that were a bit more personal than anything else I’d written, and I was thinking about releasing them on the side. And I was also thinking, ‘I’m pretty capable, why don’t I just start producing it myself, and see what happens’. But then I kept encountering all these ridiculously talented ladies who I’d meet in LA and on my travels that I wanted to work with, and that’s how it became this all-female collaboration.

That collaboration resulted in The Venus Project: Vol 1., brought to life entirely by a team of women. From the artwork to the mastering and management, it’s a celebration of many impressive creative female talents who often fly under the radar.

The Venus Project Albums

Vol. 1 Vol. 1 The Venus Project Released March 8, 2018 10 61