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Tiburón Amarillo About

Tiburon Amarillo is a Latin funk rock band formed in 2017 originally from Chiriquí, Panama. It is made up of the singer José Morales, the guitarist Allan Villarreal, the drummer Jonathan Cáceres "Jairo", the keyboardist Moisés Batista "Moi" and the bassist Rolando Castillo "Rolo".
The name of the band comes from a tribute to the last album released in Frank Zappa's life, referring to the unique way the artist had of seeing the circumstances of life and above all to that impetus for the defense of thought and its dissemination.

The sound of Tiburon Amarillo is strongly marked by funk patterns, interludes with enveloping atmospheres, some elements typical of Panamanian culture and lyrics that mix in their essence everyday matters through a realistic and forceful sound.
Their shows are characterized by the use of accessories and elements of theatrical value that intensify the meaning of the songs, providing an audiovisual experience and symbolizing reality from the point of view of the group.

On May 26, 2017 the band released their first production titled; "Clean Love",
followed that same year by: "Realidad Teatral" and "La Paila" which had a good reception at a national and international level through the Streaming platforms. Characterized by addressing social problems typical of the region.
By December of the same year, they released their first album titled; Home education. It borrows its concept from a subject already extinct in the Panamanian educational system of the 90's, showing a new proposal in which real and fictitious stories alternate with episodes or lapses of daily life. From this production we can highlight themes such as: "Paula", "I will reincarnate on paper", "Estéreo Mar" and "Mi Labia para locarte" which, apart from the good reception by the public, manage to transmit that bittersweet flavor that sometimes the life.

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