Twelve E About

Twelve E

The Bronx New York has always been a mecca for new creative musical expression and talent, and
TwelveE would not disappoint on whats the new innovative sound to be born out of the bronx.
The four friends met in High School in the bx where they were all classically trained on music theory
in multiple genres. Although the members played together for years in high school and other bands outside of it as well.
It wasn’t until the winter of 2016 that they officially formed TwelveE.

The four members consist of Geo LeGare (lead singer, songwriter and producer and founder of the band).
Neil Diestro (keyboardist/violist). Carlos Pena (lead guitarist). Luis Venero (drummer/percussionist).
Now I can go in to a lot of colorful words to paint a picture for you about how amazingly talented these
individuals really are, but I think reading about it wouldn’t do them any justice. Their talents are meant to be
listened to and experienced to get the full scope of what TwelveE is really about.

Their music is a direct representation of what their generation is really feeling, thinking about and going through,
which is not fully being represented by mainstream music of today. The organically creative chemistry between
the four members makes for good music and experimentation to find whats gonna be fresh and new.

Right now TwelveE is working hard in the writing and production phase of completing their first EP project
set to be released in the summer of 2017. They are looking forward to presenting their genre-less style
of music.