Varnish la Piscine About

Varnish la Piscine, also known as Pink Flamingo, is a Swiss rapper, singer and producer born March 4, 1994, signed with Colors Records, then with BMG France since December 2016, and member of the SuperWak Clique collective. Originally from the town of Meyrin in the canton of Geneva, he also forms the duo “Les frères de la piscine” with Makala.

He released his first Escape project (F + R Prelude) in 2016, a seven-track series that he produced entirely where he invited members of SWK, and where he appeared under the name of Fred Koriban.

His second project was released by surprise on January 18, 2019. Entitled Le regard qui tue, he defines it as an “auditory film” and welcomes on several tracks the English-speaking rapper Rico TK of SWK and the French singer Bonnie Banane, as well as Makala for a piece. The same year followed the album Radio Suicide by Makala, which he produced in full and where he also voiced three songs.

In March 2020, his first film Les Contes de Cockatoo was released, which he directed and for which he produced the soundtrack. A forty minute musical comedy of which he is the master of thought, strongly influenced by science fiction or the films of Alfred Hitchcock and Wes Anderson. First in private screening, it is made public on YouTube. The soundtrack will be released on March 13, 2020 under the album name METRONOME POLE DANCE TWIST AMAZONE.

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