Wendy Child About

Wendy Child (formerly known as Wendy Austyn) is a “singer/songwriter/worship-leader/studio vocalist” living in Dallas, TX.

From her website:

After years of working in the music industry, Wendy Child, a songwriter and artist from Dallas TX is finally settling into a style that feels uniquely hers.

At 16, Wendy had a management contract with a Nashville based company. Although this was an incredible experience, Wendy’s voice and writing had not yet landed in one specific genre, so she decided to finish out high school as a normal student.

After that time, Wendy continued to learn and improve on her craft. She went to college for Music Business at Dallas Baptist University, and started co-writing with anyone she could find.

Through a writing trio called The Lady & I, she was introduced to the world of sync licensing. This group has seen some success in the licensing world, even landing some national placements, and Wendy’s personal music has also done very well.

As a songwriter, Wendy loves the challenge of writing in any genre, and has produced songs for clients and companies in just about every category under the sun.

As an artist, Wendy’s songs are very much pop-influenced. The big anthems, the profound ballads, and the get-up-and-dance grooves in pop music are both inspiring and energizing for Wendy as an artist.

With a new single released, and a new EP on the way, Wendy Child has finally settled into her identity as a songwriter and artist, and plans to continue making great art that fuels her creative passion.

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