Woodsy Jr. About

I was born in Danville, Illinois in 1998. I graduated from Oakwood High School in May, 2017. If you have ever heard any of my music you know that I am a Christian rapper. I currently work a part-time job and make music to serve God and simply because I love it. It went from a hobby to something I do whenever I need to express myself. It’s not for money or recognition or approval. My music is real. It is about my life, perspective, and faith. I am of course inspired by my family, friends, and the Holy Trinity as well as artists like KB, Canon, NF, tobyMac, and Aaron Cole, just to name a few. I am down to collaborate so feel free to hit me up.

Woodsy Jr. Albums

Offbeat Offbeat Woodsy Jr. Expected June 7, 2019 3 30
Facing Satan Facing Satan Woodsy Jr. Released October 19, 2018 11 35
Electrifying Electrifying Woodsy Jr. Released August 3, 2018 3 28