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Zek About

Zekwé Ramos was born on March 23, 1986 in Corbeil in Essonne (91).

Zekwé Ramos' childhood is rocked by the songs of his mother, Cape Verdean, and the guitar of his father, French, from Cesaria Evora to Stevie Wonder, from Nougaro to Edith Piaf and many others , going from one style to another.

Zekwé Ramos switches to rap by discovering American artists such as Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang Clan, Jay-z, Nas, and French such as Time Bomb, Sector A, IAM and NTM, who until now remain his major influences.

Zekwé Ramos is inspired and nourished by his crossbreeding, this cultural and musical heritage in order to redraw the boundaries of the genre with his artistic daring.

Driven by all his influences, he started writing his lyrics and composing his instrumentals at a very young age. Its unique sound allows it to be noticed by Sinik, Salif, Seth Gueko, Dany Dan for whom he will produce several of their respective titles.

Little by little, Zekwé Ramos is making his nest…

Zekwé Ramos stands out for his technique which he sharpens over time. His varied and incisive texts, sometimes punctuated by words in Portuguese, his nonchalant flow and his daring rhymes land on his timeless and original beats, where others are content to copy what already exists.

His enormous potential allows him to chain collaborations and appearances on various projects, which gradually make him known.

At the beginning of 2006, Zekwé Ramos joined the Néochrome label after being noticed during a freestyle alongside Unit 2 Feu (AlKpote & Katana), where he produced the majority of their first album, “Haine, Misery & Filth ”.

In 2008, Néochrome devoted the third part of a “Rap De Banlieusard” to him.
[nb: Vol.1 special AlKpote - Vol.2 special Joe Lucazz]

The climax is coming soon…

In 2011, Zekwé Ramos puts on his double hat (composer and rapper) and initiates a project called “Seleção”. Passionate, inventive, perfectionist and determined artist, he intends to prove himself and establish himself as the new essential figure of French rap.

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