Zioło About

Born in Żagań, he is a representative of the Wrocław scene, a rapper and producer known for his sharp and sharp lyrics, often presented with a pinch of salt, but provoking various reflections. His view of the world, strongly influenced by stimulants, is unique and the topics are raised intelligently, with humor, without compromise, but also without unnecessary pathos. The herb has long since got out of the cliches of comparisons to Smarek (he was also juxtaposed with Łona), on the other hand, it cannot be concealed that he took everything he had from the Gorzów legend. So: a sharp look at reality and accurate, sometimes bitter observations, with a sympathetic temperament at the same time, with whom you will drink and smoke, distance and lightness in writing mocking texts, also self-critical.

description source: Popkiller

Zioło Albums

Cokolwiek Cokolwiek Zioło Released September 1, 2015 2 9
Hip-Hop Hip-Hop Zioło Released 2012 2 10
Siema LP Siema LP Zioło Released February 1, 2010 4 8