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Ali Ssamid, whose real name is Abdelali el kadèri, was born in Tangier in the district of (Beni Makada).

Known for his modesty, this young rapper who comes from the depths of our Moroccan society began his career in the field of Rap in 2002. It was three years later, in 2005 exactly, that #SSAMID launched its first project and creates the group DERBLILE (or DR Lile) under The AkA of (2Nami SsamiD), accompanied by his childhood friend #Loco Lghadab; they were joined by their friend #Rofix. But Ali Ssamid is not far from a beginner, as the discography of his former crew (DERBLILE) proves,

Ali Ssamid's musical career ended from 2011 to 2015, he was locked in prison for his track # 9anon_isti3mar, his latest project was the Maxi #Bghitu_nmout released in 2011.

2Nami AKA Ali Ssamid has over 30 songs like 1OO% Gangsta’Rap; as described by his manager; Abderahman L’Kaderi.

Finally, Ali Ssamid succeeds in his music to bring together both an Old School but also a New School flow he also holds several featurings with Moroccan and foreign rappers.

Rapper ranked among the best, the public continually demands his presence on the Moroccan scene where he makes himself more and more known especially thanks to his subjects, without forgetting his fiery clashes!

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