Co’Sang About

Co'Sang was an Italian rap band, made up of Ntò and Luchè (the latter also producer). The duo disbanded in 2012 after 15 years of activity.

Growing up in the Marianella district of Naples, on the outskirts of the city, they began their musical journey with the pseudonyms Tony Molla and Luca Malphi and participation in the self-produced album Spaccanapoli (1997) of the Neapolitan collective Clan Vesuvio, with the track " Fear that passes ”, written and produced with Denè and Dayana, initially members of Co'Sang. The division between Ntò and Luchè, and Denè and Daiana, settles the group with the new formation.

In 2005 the duo released their first album, entitled Chi More Pe 'Mme, composed of sixteen tracks, which depict a current Naples and without much room for compromise, the lyrics are made in the Neapolitan language. The debut album was followed in 2009 by the album Vita Bona.

On February 14, 2012 the group disbanded communicating the decision to its fans through a post on Facebook in which it is said that the album scheduled for April has been canceled as it is no longer representative of the group and that the two components, Ntò and Luchè will follow individual projects.

Co’Sang Albums

Vita Bona Vita Bona Co’Sang Released November 6, 2009 5 18