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Influenced by electronic music, Dusouto appears in 2003, very easily to produce homemade music. The PCs made the audio editing programs available, and the crowd had fun: that's how they painted their first album, the homonymous DuSouto (2005), experimental work, with regional and Jamaican touches that mark the group's entry into the National Circuit.

Launched by the carioca label NIKITA, the material was recognized by the critics and was well accepted by the public, which resulted, in the same year, in the participation with two songs in the compilation Busta Brasileira, released in Japan. trio was part of the soundtrack of the game FIFA World Cup (along with Sérgio Mendes, Black Eyed Peas, Placebo and 31 other bands from 20 different countries) ; was on Programa do Jô in 2007 and sold copyright of four songs for the soundtrack of the two seasons of the first series produced by FOX Filmes in Brazil, 9 Millimeters (2009/2010).

The songs from the second album, Malokero High Society, gave an identity to the Malokero characters. The even more danceable feel, humorous and ironic lyrics, composed of ragga, samba, drum'n'bass, brought an even more bohemian image to the band, which became one of the most played at nights in the capital Potiguar, and capital cities neighbors PE and PB.

The band that initially had other members, is formed by Gabriel Souto, Gustavo Lamartine and Paulo Souto. The trio has always composed the lyrics, produced and edited the records, as well as the video clips.

Gabriel Souto [cavaquinho, accordion, melodica, back vocals, programming, samplers and synths], is also a music producer. He was responsible for recording, mastering and mixing the albums Malokero High Society and Cretino, as well as the album Onoffre Machine, a work created in partnership with composer and performer Luiz Gadelha.

Gustavo Lamartine [guitars, guitars, vocals and back vocals] and Paulo Souto [bass, vocals and back vocals] were part of General Junkie, a group that made history in Natal, being one of the first classic rock bands (1993 – 1998) ;formerly General Lee 1990 – 1993). The group left a record titled General Junkie, which is worth checking out.

The group's most recent album was released in 2012: Cretino was topped off by the group's biggest hit, “Cretino”, a ragga-xote-crossover capable of rocking anything that moves. The success was also given by the music video, which brings the whole atmosphere of the band, with beautiful pin-ups in a “spicy” party in a motel room. The album also has another hit, “O cerular”, which is influenced by the guitars of Belém do Pará and a lot of reggaeton.

And it is with this miscellany that the band released in 2014 the EP “De volta para Babilônia”. Loaded with drum'n'bass, samba and a delicious dub step influence, the work brings new hits like Preta meu treta and Babilônia never again.

Still in 2012, the DuSoutoSemiacústico project was launched. With the participation of several special guests, the group gave a new face to the existing songs, with the big difference that, instead of three musicians, there were eight. It was awesome!

In 2013, the first compilation album was released with its main songs (DuSouto 3in1), which marked the commemoration of the 8 years of existence of the group.

DuSouto in 2015 celebrates 10 years of career, starts with some...

DuSouto Albums

Cretino! Cretino! DuSouto Released 2012 1 12
duSOUTO duSOUTO DuSouto Released 2005 1 12