Kronno Zomber About

Juan Ignacio Meira Aresmu, born in Malaga, Spain (April 1, 1992), rapper, writer and youtuber.

Known for his white eyes in his videos and for being part of the creation of the subgenre "Rap-Play", the result of the fusion of rap with video games.

His stage name for him is inspired by the god Crono (modified with the letter K and two N's for the sake of pleasure) and later Zomber, named like that by his followers, since in his early days he uploaded rap-plays on zombies.

He started rapping at age 12 out of boredom, which later became his passion. He got bad grades in school and his friends got angry with him for that subject, since he was too into rap and other classmates made fun of him for wanting to be a rapper. Because of this, he fell into depression for several months.

In 2009, together with his flatmates Sacro and Dj Azer, he created the Requiem group and began to work on his first demo called Without Prior Notice, which consists of 8 songs, of which only 6 were uploaded to the channel of Sacro in 2013. Months later the group disintegrated, as Kronno was already doing songs as a soloist with the theme of rap-play and uploading them to his YouTube channel.

On June 22, 2015, he released the song "Animatrónicos Rap", being a total success and the most reproduced, collecting 71 million reproductions on the iTownGameplay channel and 17 million on his channel.

On September 23, he released his first solo album called Yo Soy un Rap Player, in which he compiled his most played songs on his channel, and that same day he also uploaded some songs that were not included in the album at digital platforms.

On May 11, 2018 after the success of Yo Soy un Rap Player, he released his second album called Evil Rap Battles, consisting of 17 songs with many collaborations.

Kronno Zomber continues to rap-play, but has also released urban music tracks on his VEVO channel.

Kronno Zomber Albums

Yo Soy un Rap Player Yo Soy un Rap Player Kronno Zomber Released September 23, 2016 3 19