Marko Damian About

Marko Damian is a young Slovak artist from Bratislava. His latest work is under Warner Music Czech Republic, but in the past he was part of Comebackgang and still collaborates with Pil Cim, which we can notice on Pil Ci's album 2086 in the track Dizzy. Marko also collaborates with members of KHANS and we can also notice Nuri's production on the track Dystópia in Mark's new EP P.O.P!

Marko Damian Albums

P.O.P! P.O.P! Marko Damian Released March 13, 2020 3 49
50 Westside 50 Westside Marko Damian Released May 28, 2019 2 41
Mravce Mravce Marko Damian Released May 1, 2018 1 42