Masamasa & Baco Krisi About

Masamasa and Baco Krisi are two Italian rappers who find themselves collaborating on an EP called Ostbahnhof (literally in German "Eastern Station", during Nazi Berlin it was the unloading station of East Berlin, then until 2006 the main station of the city and today, replaced by the Central Berlin station, has returned to its original name of East Berlin Station) during their stay in Berlin at Masamasa's home for the Chance The Rapper concert. The duo has an affinity of styles and also appears in a song by the Grosseto rapper Danomay, “Casa Mia”, and in numerous collaborations on Youtube.

Masamasa & Baco Krisi Albums

Ostbahnhof EP Ostbahnhof EP Masamasa & Baco Krisi Released August 21, 2017 3 15