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Pooh About

Pooh are an Italian pop band formed in 1966 in Bologna.
Pooh’s original members were Bob Gillot (Keyboards), Riccardo Fogli (vocals and bass), Valerio Negrini (vocals and drums) and Dodi Battaglia (guitar). In the summer of 1966, Roby Facchinetti (Keyboards) replaced Gilot and in 1971 the band recruited Stefano D'Orazio, the drummer of the Naufraghi, to replace Negrini, who stayed as main lyricist. The most enduring line-up was established in 1973, when Fogli left the group and was replaced by Red Canzian, a progressive rock guitarist who quickly learned to play the bass. In 2009 drummer Stefano D'Orazio announced his intention to leave the band after the summer tour. D'Orazio has been replaced by English drummer Steve Ferrone although the band officially remains a trio. On the occasion of their 50th anniversary, Stefano D'Orazio and Riccardo Fogli reunited with the rest of the band.

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