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Samsa is a Queens based lo-fi desi rapper who rapidly gained popularity mainly throughout the year of 2017. His works such as “Tinder Samurai” and “Anthropocene” are some of his most popular songs, racking up millions of plays across all platforms.

Sadly, on December 17th 2017, Samsa’s record label “Off The Jump” announced his departure from the label and also his retirement from music.

“My heart hasn’t been in it for a while and I owe it to you to say goodbye.” Samsa said in one of his final tweets.

Samsa’s songs still rack up plays on SoundCloud to this day. While he might be gone, it is very clear that he and his music will continue to be loved by many.

Also— Samsa’s paypal is still open to donations. If you never got to interact with him or support him while he was active, feel free to send him a couple bucks here. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.

“I don’t want to be a content creator, I want to be a content creator.” – Samsa

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