Sternzeichen Zorro About

Sternzeichen Zorro is an alternative rock band from Kiel. The music of the zodiac sign Zorro is characterized by a rocking sound with influences from punk, reggae and country.

In their German-language texts, they deal with longings that everyone knows. With cheeky puns, the zodiac sign Zorro also speaks about things that are not expected. Always close to current events and at the same time timeless, always with a wink.

Torben Roßburg (bass and vocals), Michael Schletter (guitar, keyboard instruments and background vocals) and Sebastian Bork (drums, sound and images) have been composing and producing their works with attention to detail in Kiel for over a decade. < / p>

Originally the band was founded in 2003 by Roßburg, Jan “Jenny” Steen (guitar and vocals) and Bork (drums). In 2006 Schletter joined the band as a guitarist. Steen left the zodiac sign Zorro for professional reasons in 2007. The band has existed as a trio since then and has released 3 albums (Ene Mene Du [2019], Magnificent [2017], The little obstacles on the way to freedom [2006]).

Sternzeichen Zorro Albums

Ene Mene Du Ene Mene Du Sternzeichen Zorro Released June 21, 2019 5 11
Prächtig Prächtig Sternzeichen Zorro Released June 28, 2017 6 17