A Walk With The Wicked - Already Dead Lyrics

Lurching towards your fate
Shrapnel rains from the sky
Can you feel it
Ridden with bullet wounds
Bloodstains upon your boots
Fist clenched, weapon in hand
Will yourself forward
We shall first lead the strike
Foremost, our will to die
Sadistic tendencies
Vehement urge to fight
Grey skies will see the war
Corpses litter the floor
Gun shot, straight to the head
You are already dead
The body is willing
The spirits all have fled
Mindless warriors
Intent on their bloodshed
Demonic power keeps the fires fed
The battle rages on forever
Already dead
Flags mark the fallen hordes
Tearing through flesh with swords
As the forsaken gods
Watch in delight
Undead, they soldier on
Towards a lightless dawn
Staining the white bones red
We are already dead
You'll never live to see another sunrise
You'll never feel light on your skin
Your flesh is left behind and rotten
Your body is already dead
Nothing awaits you again in this life
Slaughter becomes second nature
Ripping off limbs as you cross the battlefield
Tearing apart the weak and the wretched