Abstract Rude - Nuff Fire Lyrics

Ya we gon' take you higha
So push up ya lighta
Nuff Chronic, Burn Fire
Hip Hop
What's that in the ziploc?
Pit stop made at the bud spot
Tell me that you just copped one bag
Zig zag, twist up
Wait a minute
Here go that crispy 5 dolla bill I owe ya
What 'The Luniz, Cypress Hill & Snoop' got in common
They all blow bomb in da Russell California
And I'm scorpion, known for getting horny
An' born with a magnetic stinger
Gettin' love in any ??? performing
Swarming to me like bees to honey
For music not the money
Got the munchies, now I'm hungry
Sierra, Nevadas while I'm snacking on some Funyuns
Smoke clouds
Smelling like it's something pungeant
Roll out
With a sticky stick of ganja
Cause babylon'll roll up on ya
From LA to C-town, Midwest, back down
Florida to New Yorkers be love dis track sound
Skills sweet; kills not
Is not one bet can fuk with us (no no no no no...)
Just like sleeping Sindel, well we just can't be touched
Hands is up like Yes Y'all
This is a hit like baseball
Broken bat single, I'm hoping that you sing too
So push up ya lighters
Got Chronic? Burn fire
And vibe witcha bredren, Abby Rude and DJ Vita'
...It's Abby and Vita'
Ya we gon' take you higha...
Next up
Play this loud if your stressed out, messed up
Make me proud, keep ya head up
'cause it's better now
Let me manifest withcha
Smoke some Cannabis witcha
Like I am a ex-pusher of the Kaya
No, I need to grow 'cause I can not afford
To buy ya do'
I got my medical card for arthritis
I ain't breaking no laws
So tonight we gettin' lifted...
Wait a minute, I done hit it
Hotboxin' in the bucket
C'mon, pimp my ride Xzibit
Time ta move somethin'
Everything is Cool Runnings
Never Rude frontin'
Just feastin' at the food function
I missed breakfast, I did brunch; a mimosa
& the rest of my day was exactly how it was supposed ta
Shock I, forward on with this progress
God Bless, so babylon be no contest...
It's Abby and Vita'
Ya we gon' take you higher
So push up ya lighta
Nuff chronic, burn fire...
Much respect
My crew gets
Much respect
Cause we get
Much respect
Betta not ta test
Much respect
You don't want the mess
Much respect....
My crew gets...respect, respect