Ace Cartar - Call Me #ComebackKiiid Lyrics

Can I kick it like addidas sneakers on a skateboard
Yea im rockin vans but i do not skate boy, I got a plan and a vision
Talent, and a mission to free my mind, Im a cannabis connoisseur
Vegetarian like a brontosaurus dinosaur, tryna soar the sky
Expanding my awareness cause teres always moor to find
Detouring more beats to the morgue they mortified
Waiting for that comeback cause the be more
Kickin it off unorthodox, Chillin, On the block where they be offin cops and
Often coffins drop, 6 feet under the plot, cause he ain't have the guap
When big homie put him on te spot, see this is how it goes when you
Walking down the road from havin no pot to piss in to whippin a pot of gold
And no, I don't need joey badass flow, They Waiting for That Comeback Though
Im living my life out, right now, Hustling for myself
Ain't the type to where jordans jeans jackets and louey belts but do you
Cause I ain't judging I just wannna spread love Cousin
Oh we ain't fam but what if i treated you like we was cousins
See imma different breed of human being, got tired of living my nightmare, Now I forever lucid dreams
I know everything ain't what it seems, So if my life is like a movie
I wanna work behind the scenes #ComebackKiiid