Ace Cartar - Wassup Wassup Lyrics

I ain't tryna call you a bird eat you or grip ya thighs
Let get high til we reside where the limit lies
And every nigga say they different but my difference is
I'm bout settling differences instead of telling lies
And my problem with bitches is
They won't believe me or stay long enough to witness it
I get my eye on you but i ain't hypnotized
I seen how girls get when they have attention from different guise
See im just keeping it real
Letting you know how i think while im showing you how i feel
Exactly how i feel inside, I ain't plottin to make you mine
Im showing you the darker part of me honestly it just took some time
I feel your auras resonance when you shine, like minds and we both smokin on the bomb, boom
And never was i actin you were a science test but the chemical reaction, that i observe
Is something i wish i could conserve its too easy to spit a verse after we converse
I just wanna be the one that notice when your hurt
And say the perfect words to you before matters get any worse
And as long as you keep faith in me ill keep my words
And ill do the same for you cause its the truth tat you deserve
You deserve Everything but a wedding ring and i only said that to get on your nerve
You can meet me in my getaway on anyday, Wassup wassup We could chill we could build or we can blaze the mary jane
Hey Girl You deserve everything x2
I want to ive you something i can never get to no one else, but i dont know how drastically its gonna change me
Would juu take advantage if i develop attachments, becoming my weakness and try to rearrange me
What if you lose interest and find another captain
Should i treat you right and hope that itll never happen
Sea what im holding is sacred and i didn't save it to waste it, on your sensual satisfaction
That how i feel
See thats really how i feel i don't use pick up lines because i just keep it reel
Theres many wishes in the sea see your deeper than wishing wells so im gonna dive in it till a nigga growing gills
We can play fight or do the asty shit you like, tell me your day or a bitch that you dont like
Or we can continue the daily chatting, making ye contact while we waiting for it to happen #ComebackKid
I hope you manifest your dreams and find yourself a king cuz your a queen