Ace Shocka - Ali Lyrics

Uh, uh, uh, now just bounce
Shoutouts to Grizzy on the beat, now just bounce
Let's keep it rolling (I'm Muhammad Ali, bitch)
[Verse 1]
Now just bounce with the beat and let me preach for a minute
All these frauds jack the style I invented but
But, don't none of ya'll rock like I do
With the power like Ye and the soul like Badu
Call me Nosferatu, I'm draining your life
Stacking up the dead bodies that I killed with the mic
Even my chill tracks rock you off your ass
While lames drop more flops than a soccer match
I'm selling shows like hotcakes
They more pissed off than swelled up prostates
Cause they still trying to get views on Myspace
And they saving up to visit all the places where I stay
Never worried when the bloggers or competitors dissed me
Cause they fading into silence while I'm out making history
So asta la vista, so long, farewell
To Ace Shocka, AKA Far East Pharrell, now that's real
(Whoo) I'm Muhammad Ali, bitch
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, bitch
(Uhh) I"m Muhammad Ali, bitch
(blow) With the flow like Kweli, bitch
[Interlude: Announcer]
George Foreman, it's going to be 8, 9, that's it
The fight is stopped. Muhammad Ali, with the prophetic
8th round knockout
[Verse 2]
So defiant with the flow, I'm going Mayan with the flow
I'm human sacrificing rappers asking why they hate the boy
Who got more green than florists and more game than forests
Now you telling me I'm great? Bitch, you preaching to the chorus
You ain't got to say it, I already know I'm hot
If I forget, I'll just consult the ho that's on my jock
You talking heos? Yeah I got a whole houseful
She'd say that she love me, but she don't talk with her mouthful
Shock off the top of the dome
Flowing like a shock top while I'm rocking the chrome
Hotbox my whole block they got the cameras on
Because they can't believe they just seen Shock in the flesh and the bone
I'm Ali
[Hook] X2
How many times do I got to tell you motherfuckers man?
I'm Muhammad Ali
I'm dancing around you mother fuckers
Like it's Happy Feet, man whats up? Uhh
[Verse 3]
And when I think on how I made it here, it really is amazing
When I started they would say anything to keep me complacent like:
"Boy you not hot. It's just not for you"
But shit like that just told me that I got a lot to prove
It's funny how that switch up, ya'll judged me too quick
Cause I ain't rocking snapbacks and don't fit your rubric
I ain't in it for the money, motive stay intrinsic
Top dog like Kendrick, flows colder than forensics
Doing it in a major way
From the D-Leagues now I'm getting paid to play
And I get this shit popping off the ground like an ollie
With the hooks and punches, say my fucking name
[Hook] X2