ActualLucid - I have no faith Lyrics

I have no faith in myself
I dont ever put my soul on a shelf
It’s always other people, never me
Cuz I don’t know what to be
And i can't say that I love me
A senior at my fucking school calls me bubbly
He laughs at me and call me names
Says im not funny
I overthink what’s wrong with me
And honestly
Ive wanted to take my own life on the wrongest things
By laughing off and saying
“I don’t need help, G”
But honestly I think i do
Cus im mentally in trouble
And it doesnt help when im my own bubble
And im too nervous to talk
And i always words on my own stumble [get it?]
I dont like to bother so im being humble
But it when it gets too much
And you feel useless
Theres nothing you can do but just
Tear up in the eye
And wait for death to come upon
Like “i just wanna be gone”
Someone help
I say im over my shit now
But i just can’t calm down
My stress levels getting to high now
Now i just wanna