Airplane James - Static Lyrics

Up and at it, I can feel the static
We gon' take it there, my nigga, you know I'm dramatic
Be in the streets or make a difference, I picked the latter
Opinions, if you weren't my dawgs, it didn't matter
Thank God I'm headstrong
You know how many niggas doin' time for bein' led wrong? (Sheesh)
I gotta say it though
Do good deeds but I be wonderin' where the fuck they go
Like where my good karma?
Where's my big numbers?
Where's my one summer when I don't gotta see my friends fade away?
I made a way when mothafuckers said it wasn't a way
I look my fears in the face until they went away
I might just hit Romi up and get a chain today
I might just drink the pain away
I might just come through and make sure you straight, like
[Verse 2]
Up and at it, I can feel the static
My niggas gon' go, you know my niggas automatic
Why do niggas get points for shit they wouldn't do theyself?
Gotta put the work in, my nigga, it ain't gon' do itself
Yeah, all the opps in my life could use some help
It's gon' take more than that, they not important
Yeah, that's just real shit
I'm on kill switch, I'm on a power trip
I took an hour trip just to get clarity and now I'm clarified
I'ma check you niggas every time like you verified
We ain't let nothin' slide
Fuck that good karma
Fuck them big numbers
Fuck that one summer
‘Cause it ain't take me under
That shit made me stronger
Now I'm on top and I won't stop
But I might come through to make sure you straight, like
Skrrt, skrrt