Allahmon - Be Good Lyrics

Never got to fuck ya
It felt good to trust ya and it felt good to hug ya
You liked it when I touch it, I went nuts for yo love girl that’s why I bust it
I’ll catch you in my dreams
Now ain’t it funny went from ripping jeans to wettin seams, was in between
And now we ain’t a damn thing
Gotta be this life
I hope he treats you right, I hope you eatin nice
I still remember our first date, that Regal life
Fell for you twice, slept for da night
Transformed to yo hubby, looked you in the eyes, everything was fine
Till I asked for time and you declined
I ain’t mad at ya, but I was sad after
Like reading yo favorite book and it’s da last chapter
I miss yo damn laughter
All pictures captured
But things happen for a reason I won’t get it backward
Hope you cool, really hope you cool tho
I roll da leaf and be me that’s all I could do
Looking back at it now I was a good fool
Yo love felt warm like some cooked food
Use to chop it by da pool, then screw
You was such a shy light till I tempt you
I don’t resent you
Although it ended bad, since you held me down if you need a shoulder I’ll let you
Cry on me, long as you don’t lie on me
Moved on but if you want, you can ride on me
Da ones we love best hurt us da worst
After da food, liquor and sex I’m coming to terms
Livin and learn, C’est la vie, bridges get burned
4 letter word, took da L now it’s O-V-E-R
Next woman in line gone be twice as fine
What don’t kill rebuilds to da light, let’s shine