Amarillo Dramacydal - GiRLS (Ft. Amarillo Dramacydal) Lyrics

God damn I got f***d, how many girls? I don't know
How many times? I don't know
A couple of times thats for sure
God damn I got f***d
Its way too much for me, its way too much for me it's way too much for me
Look I been tryna find a soul mate overnight And I been on the same road dawg it's been a while
So girl whatchu on about? Tell me you ain't dunn this for props All I needed was real luvv, If this a dream somebody wake me up Cozz girls have been nightmares
Verse 1
I think I prolly would have made it by now
I'd be the greatest by now
If wasn't for girls I prolly would've settled somewhere in the city right now
Dawg I am underrated right now
Look what I came with right now
If it wasn't for girls I prolly would've planned for something worth a mill' right now
I been led on a couple of times yeh, well thats cozz I race alot yeh
I kept those girls up in my mind yeh, thought they're really worth a dime yeh
Well they not, They just here for my status
And prolly camp up in my life till I am famous
Well thats the thing that makes me feel more outrageous
They come and go, next thing you know they get ramus (yeh)
I been getting alotta texts bro they never call
She thought I wannet sex, trust me that ain't even all
So get the f**k outta my side yeh
What he did ain't on my mind yeh
I thought you volumed down your life yeh, twas loud and clear that you weren't mine yeh
Man this a bridge I ain't willing to cross, I get clumsy everytime I am on top of it. . I see so much fish down in the sea, but the water is so polluted naww
Verse 2
I should have knows you were a b***h, sorry for swearing but b***h
You've been an obstacle b***h
Had my feelings up and down on a ridge
Yeh, yehh yeahh X2
Then I think I'd rather float, this lust has really been a joke
Depression got me in a dome, got locked up in there with a fog
I know love is real but you're fake, this ain't a compliment girls its a shade,.
& I know this is just phase, I am gonn be better cozz all this gonn fade