Angel Dissection - In Celebration of the Angel Corpses Lyrics

The blades impale the whore
This rightious infestation
Breeding weakness in us all
Their wrists are slashed to etch pentagrams
Drawn within their flowing blood
I've inflicted myself with pain
To envoke his awful name
Fermenting and rotting, the heavens are crying
Their innards will dry for their flesh shell has died
From living to dead to the grave they'll succumb
Conform unto death and dissolve into dust
Cadaveric, now they lie, the earth their final home
As endo parasites oblige and set their course on which to grow
Time will take its toll, and drip away their skin
Rots beseiged its carrion feast and laviditys set in
Misanthropic autopsy, angelic diagrams are drawn
Charnell structures petrified, mausoleums for the lost
Silenced in their death to serve a higher purpose