Another Bad Creation - Jealous Girl Lyrics

There's a jealous girl in our town
(Oh, baby)
[Verse 1:]
I know you feel bad about
Me and my girl
You had the first chance
To be in my world
Now you are saying things
To keep us apart
I give you the first chance to be in my heart
When I loved you
You didn't love me
Our love had no unity
All you ever told me were lies
It's my girl
I know you despise
[Repeat Chorus:]
[Verse 2:]
Girl, I really hope you find another
'Cause I can't take no more
Of you trying to be my lover
You see
I got what I want and what I need
So, girl
Won't you please try just to leave
[Repeat Hook:]
[Repeat Chorus x2:]
Hey, girl
Why you so jealous?
I mean you had your chance
When I used to write you letters in class
Huh, you never wrote back
But now since you know I'm talking to Kim
You wanna cause problems
But I'm hear to let you know
Don't even try it
Well, I guess you win some
And you lose some
Well, girl
You lost this one
Yo, Dave
Kick it to 'em
I just wanna let you know
That it's hurting me so
Girl, I just had to let you go
There's a jealous girl in our town
And it's you
Girl, it's you
[Repeat Chorus:]