Arecee - System Failure (Ft. Arecee) Lyrics

Servin' for the enterprise until his fate solidifies
He's got some bitter eyes, obliterize and puncture
'Til the tiny men arrive to minimize his function
Another luncheon in the dungeon, underfunded
Willis pulled his piece out, said...
Dana did some porn films but we're poor still
Runnin' in the corn fields and poppin' more pills
I'm payin' more bills, dirtyin' my gills, worryin' for reals
Mr. Ferley wants the rent check but I don't got it still
Imma have to steal, do the background schpeel for yields
Reinvent the wheel with my shield and sword
Let's make a deal until I feel no more...
Inner-war, metamorph and build a better horse
The rich are gettin' richer and we're forever poor