Asaad (Saudi Money) - Drought 3 Flow Lyrics

One Won't Do; Two Is Not Enough For Me No
One Won't Do; Two Is Not Enough For Me No
One Won't Do; Two Is Not Enough For Me No
One Won't Do; Two Is Not Enough For Me No
Pretty boy flow, Pacquiao swag though
Golden bastard child, where dad go
Fool's gold only cool to a fool though
Now I'm richer than them Jews down on Jewler's row
Aye, Aye, power-wash tee, no wife beater
Rusty riri zips, crisp brown, Ike, Tina
Pipe Adina's in savory sexy senoritas
With leaves over their pussy just like a chicarita
Plenty capers and acres, smoke swishers, fuck cohibas
The type pour a figure 8 into a two liter
My mood is crimson red, sick like scarlet fever
Pussy wet, dry clean, take em to the cleaners
I'm really respected, never neglected
Reality is arbitrary, it's very subjective
Natural selection, bestowed by the heavens
Peons, plebians, peasants--your muggle perception
This is free swag, charity
This all of sudden hypened attention is scaring me
In 6 months, I can no longer walk up in Whole Foods
Without the Feds taking pictures, you know, those dudes
Speaking opposites, decrypt a G-code, dude
We call that apples and oranges, it's fresh produce
Happy belated, Nascent
Miss angel wings was a devil, that's God-send
And a fly gold wing, big body Benz
SLS swag, one-of-one for family and friends
Bitch every time you see me I'm in all black
Bitch every time you see me im in rare form
OG air jordans, my ghetto dorm
Beautiful black bitches all in my ideal porn
Super skinny, so skinny its scary
Forbidden fruits, the darker the berry
The sweeter the cooch, puntang pie
How many licks til she squirt in my left eye
But I dont trust a bitch I sleep witt like one eye
You Fuk her raw the bitch'll burn you like, like left eye
T boz, I love chilli
Not the kind from Wendy's neither you fukin silly?
Im talkin ushers confessions you know she fuk'd him silly
Who wanna battle bet it up cause susu got a billi
How art thou million dollar dreaming
Voss drinking, Kheils cleaning, and balmain fiending
En noir leathers on my chest hairs
2012 will be my best year
My life changed in a matter of months
Whats a necessity a nigga just get what he wants
Health & happiness and wealth to keep the misses happy
Im that nigga tell me why the fuk she bitchin at me
The godess fell from heaven let the god know
Jordan 5 flow tomb boy chic tho
Freak ho!