Astral Fire - Defy the Lights Lyrics

Now that senses (and) heart-whirl appear vain, echoes of life
Oblivion's laying down upon the universe
And the sun light's transpiring too, all right
I'm moving the walk through shadows
To chase the way that's looking fallacious to me
And the feared path, where at the end
Shows all the stars and the loved face
When I'll be awake
I will remember the rays
Of light turned from the sky in black upon the grave
I have to fly over the shine
Along this way you must raise and Defy The Lights
Of the deceits of reality
Across the power of art
Search for your salvation, or a dream
Broken and confused my mind is heading for research a cote
A shelter from the life
And now the smile avoid
Remembering the past ethereal den
Visions of arcane thruthful to see
The eternal strenght of the awareness in me
Covering the mind, centre of life
To allay the dreamlike sigh
When I'll be awake
I will remember the thousend lies
Staged in the theater (of) everyday
I have to fight to brake the shame
To break the shame
[Chorus X2]