Astro Cowboy - Car City Lyrics

Squeeze the brakes
In car city you find life always accelerates
No time to wait
Used to be a dinner plate
Life will quickly conflagrate, always will
Never at home
Always on the road
Staying sweaty, reading maps displayed on telephones
It's quite a hike
Such a speedy spite
I have always been and always will
Flying over the bars
In a new perspective
This car suddenly seems very large
The momentum of impact won't take you very far
Spreading your arms ajar when this pavement rips you apart
Finding it very hard to realize where you are
If only I had a car this wouldn't happen to me
This is my parents fault, always blaming for things
Asphalt inside my scrapes, life lately just seems to sting
In all this confusion, one thing is understood;
This sudden momentum still won't take me very far
I'll race with my shadow to pass time
The journey always makes things worth it
I'll be right there, but first you must take me
I'll always be right here, but first you will