Atlas (HC) - Sleepers Lyrics

How your tongue moves entwined with mine
Like a mountain rising in tide and time
Such grace
So faith faints at glacial pace
The earth made flat after the flood race
An anti deluviant common space
End meets end and begs for place
If you're the heartbeat and I'm the beat
I guess we'll both find our place to sleep and keep
And so the sleeper spoke to the keeper
And I'm in between again
So sick of writing in metaphors but it's the only way I can
You're the veil between illusion and prophecy
A show with cheap magic tricks
But with very expensive tickets
The most indecisive of the un-deciders
Full of non-love and a lot of desires
You see my dear, your perfection is affliction
And you and me mere fiction
But we both like our stories complex
Your's are short and mine a mess
I guess I should have guessed
We'd never live
So here's to death