Backbone - Sho' Ya Right (Ft. Killer Mike) Lyrics

Hey, hey, stay sharp as fuck
Tell 'em, get that right and straighten that up
Fat Face, the man of hundred grand
Work the mic with precise precision, knah'msayin?
At 36 on the bean, cut clean
I'll bring you the whole thing for 18
They look to Back for the word on the street
You see him smilin, count eight gold teeth
You see it, he keep the brim broke slightly
Killin 'em with the one that roll lightly
Floppin in the M-6 deuce
The A-T go and then he do too
Baby I tell tell like it T-I-S
I'll stand right here and sho' stop ya career
Call him, H2O, ice-cold water
Just like dat dere, in that particular order
Uhhhhh.. school these young G's on the Concrete
Fall off and be back on in one week
He keep his clothes crease crisp out the cleaners
Did court subpenas on some simple misdemeanors
They ain't got nuttin on me!
Cuz he true my light right not to be
Wham..uhh..wham.. see 'em hittin me
Y'all hold it down I'll be back thru here in a minute
[Hook: Killer Mike] 2X
We serve it raw or ready to chop (Sho ya right)
You get every damn gram straight dropped (Sho ya right)
Cook chickens, no sizzle no pop (Sho ya right)
Or better when you ready to shop (Sho ya right)
We old-school, walk the dog out the yard
We play the curse, serve it hard on the 'vard
You know the number fo' ya e'en went to see shorty
The automatic beast keep him off me
Shit, holla at me, y'all know ya know me
Ya drunk with them 1600 DSOP's
(Be dat!) We bake bread by the loaf
Smoke ya 'dro down to a roach
Let 'em know this here fisher from the do'
Ya already know, exactly how it goes
SWAT's.. in trees.. DF one G, da pure emcee
What's happenin? What's happenin? What's happenin?
Organ No-I-Z, keep ya motherfuckin trunk valid
Tell 'em, it's goin down this evening
Keep it jumpin like Sunday, go to meeting
Uh-uh, it don't stop, it don't quit
It get down to the nitty-grit...
...that brand new out the box
I ain't in them, swear to make 'em call the cops
I walk a path, play the cut
Lil' girl shake her butt
Ay, ay, ay, now party people if ya wit me say...
[Hook: Killer Mike] 2X
{*repeat "Sho ya right" until fade*}