Bad Lieutenant - Running Out Of Luck Lyrics

It's not the way it should exist
It's not the answer, baby
Don't crush this flower with your fist
You could hold me with your mind
You could know me
But you can't keep on losing
It's so hard to say we're running out of luck
It's the dawn of an era, baby
You could get better
If you tried to recover, baby
Then I'd be right there by your side
Like your shadow
In your footsteps I would follow
Shoot it as straight as an arrow
Through a tree that was hollow as your heart
Why do careless hearts
Fall into empty hands
It's a trend that starts
Then lies down in the sand
But it's the only way
That I'll get through to you
No matter what I say
You just do what you do
Why don't you watch what you're doing, baby
When all your dreams have turned to dust?
What's the answer, baby
When you don't know who you can trust?
Me, forever
Like a break in the weather
Like the snow on the ground
I am waiting but I can't just stick around