Baddest Guy - Last Chanow Answer The Call Lyrics

I have too much adore for this hook because when I was Teen Age This time I had already suffering from lie with my honey. And nowadays I have seen most beautiful and gorgeous lady which is suitable for only me not to others you know. Before yesterday I was with her but near by near I mean outside her . This time I wanna speak with her but she doesn't knew me so this time I was disaster and felling disappointed. I wanna hang out with her and gotta keep together until hole day, only hole day not a hole night because the reality is she is married person but I'm not a complete yet I don't have any regrets and any bride cause I'm gonna make one grooms.
Yesterday she was with near by my side but she wasn't speak anything with me this weekend was very precious for us and she looks me but cannot speak anything.
Suddenly she came to near by my side and goes out from there it's means the loves is beginning definitely from each other. This day was my first time to see her. Actually I wanna say she is really Fairy exactly.On those things I can bet easily with whoever. Cause I love her a lot you know one day she would knew my love for her and how much love I was did to her and how much she loves me its all about purpose. Cause she belongs to only me I mean the god makes her for me even she got another husband you know one day probably everything would be changed.
But she is looking seem fairy. And unfortunately she is already married before she loves me.
Before yesterday I was said her you're Juliate and she knows that exactly what I wanna say afterwards she was told me that even you my.... You're Romeo for me because You belongs to me and I said okay no problem but you will never get chance cause you're a married couple but I can't give that lie to your husband. Now I'm very busy so I wanna go there on my home so good bye honey take care a lot of your body.
Since when I was seen her I doesn't feel sleepy yet but my dream didn't come true yet so I wanna wrote one song for her. I wanna just Recapitulate (Punarabritti) her Zero figure's body cause I'm done with her ass. She Hypnotic (Sammohan) me but I have always sympathy without her knowing what she think about me and my misbehave.
And today she is call me and told me come on man if you have a leisure time for me then I said okay if you wanna met me so wait a few moments then I would come. Then she told me that Nah if you love me please come intensify (Intensity,intense) .
And I was angry I'm not a anger but her things make me more angry and lunatic. Then I was tell her bitch when you invite me I should be there come with you what you think about me but be aware I'm not a vechels. So give me a fuckin' chance then she is speechless and she couldn't answer me because this time she is too much sad. And she is starting to cry
and escape from there but I can't give to sneak from this places. I was tie (Fasten) her towards my forearm.
After those days she leaves to call me for some days but I cannot call her until long time but sometimes she calls me but I can't accepted her call so she is trying to demolish her dream world.
And after few days I was tryna call her but she cannot received my calls like me what I did her before this days and I was trying more Times to speak her but she can't receive my calls yet then I was text her so many only I will give you a Last Chance Answer The Call
She is like an heaven Angel for me because her every characters is like the fairy. So I wanna wrote this Tale (Story) .
Thus I wanna did finale this tale of tape so good night every even you my honey.
Eventually Better to Know
[ Note: This tale is all are imaginary but sometimes those tale matches with Human Begins so never feel negative or misconception anybody and never give me torture to take this tale.]
Anyway I wanna listen her this Hook cause this song is specially for her. Now 11:45Pm of the Midnight I have feel very sleepy right now so HAVE A GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY.