Baph - REICH Lyrics

But I got nothing I really need
I’m just answer'n my call'n, yeah
Leave a message at the *beep*
(Get up. Get ready.)
Because my phone on airplane mode staying lifted
Shades are tinted, rock'n vintage hats and coats and
Sweaters… never sweat in the weather whether warm or cold
Climates… never too bold to try shit on
Whatever bullshit holding me back is gone
I said whatever bullshit holding me back is gone
‘cause now I’m float'n above the planet just hold'n my dick
Ya’ll tak'n the burn, Imma give myself a toast like this
"Imma take her on
Accomplish my goals
I don’t pray to God
Baby I pray with my feet"
I been run’n and run’n and work’n and work’n
And climb’n and climb’n higher than Zion I am shin’n like diamond
I am messiah in the flesh and I ain’t try’n to hide it
Ya’ll miss’n the tim’n like Mayans… on my end there ain’t noth’n to do
I just do it how I’m supposed to
Tip my Balboa a bit, shit, just how I’m supposed to
This is it… this is it
Splash some cold water in my face ‘cause this is it
There ain’t noth’n without my senses
Composed with my back straight
Maybe she’ll get the message
Fuck what she say’n: I am a legend, I am a legend
Plus I got a few things I’m dy’n to mention
Oh God… it feels so good to be alive
Yes lord.. it’s so good to be alive
To hate, to love, to bleed, to breathe, to cry
My oh my… it’s so good to be alive
It’s not that I want to
It’s something I need to do
Fuck what we gone through
I did what I needed to
Silence of the choir… reread'n the Gospel
Wake up, I can smell the blood at my nostrils
The choir rereads the Gospel
It's time to wake up, baby, the blood is at our nostrils
The water rises... the ice melts and
The water rises... the water rises
The ice melts and the water rises
Hell paid the debt and now there’s heaven to pay
I have become my own enemy
Who am I? I don’t know but Who is she?
There is a price to pay, you see, because
There is no place in this world for you and me
(Looking in the Mirror. Chest out, back straight.)