Better Living Through Chemistry - Kung-Fu Grip Lyrics

With lightning, I am delivered
I'm the father of lies, of starting up fires, I'm riding my chemistry
In sunshine, am elated
I'm killing the blues, pain into fuel
My beasts still soothed, by music as remedy
No, I won't stop until everything is mine
Fight the dying light, because all we've got is borrowed time
A strong right hand, the beauty of triggers
I'm using my words, king of the birds, burying dynasties
Stop right there, it's too familiar
The stories I've told, loosen their hold
From copper to gold, I am elegant machinery
From the top, all you see is down, down, down
The sweetest gift so far...
Now what are you going to do when the lights go out
There's no one here to save you and you can't shut up about
All the things that you had to do without
You say you'd sell your soul
But you dare not lose control
Just let yourself go
I'm not blameless, but that's called surviving
Scattering dust, murdering tongues, honing my skills and speed
When you surrender