Big Beat - Free Lyrics

Let's just stay here forever
Feel free together
Forever, forever
We could stay here all night
Have each other with delight
Forever, forever
[Verse 1 - Big Beat]
Look up to me, I can see you
Love every second that I can just do
Just do whatever I want forever
Told you again, I never say "Never"
I don't mean to whine, I just want to dine
Stay with me forever, I will be fine
Forever I just want you to be mine
Or else it might be the end of the line
[Bridge 1 - Big Beat]
Girl you look so familiar
I right now just feel like killing ya
I'm not really sure how we made it
But while we last, we can savour it
[Bridge 2 - Rhianna]
And I think you are right
We don't need to fight
You just speak to me
And I think we are great
This is our best date
You can just see me
[Verse 2 - 2 Chainz]
She may not really have respect for me
But being with her is where I want to be
I just wanna kill that b**ch tonight
And even if she doesn't agree I still might
[Bridge 1]
[Bridge 2]
[Verse 3 - Juicy J]
I will stay here
She may only want me if I can drink beer
I will not have a single negative
I will just stay positive
[Verse 4 - Kano]
F**k whatever, I'd care never
Even if she is moody
When we are alone together
I will still get woody
[Outro - Big Beat (Rhianna)]
Ha ha!
(Forever, together)