Blackened - On The Edge Lyrics

Where blind may see the dumb may scream
Only the deaf may hear my cries
This feels like home, here I do not feel ashamed
Where light feels cold the angels cry
And all my pain remains unnamed
Refrain 1:
I won't take your hand, so my journey may begin
I'm stepping closer to the edge
Fallen leaves floating in the wind
Lost in my dream, time is turnin' all around
I think I'd really dare to jump
But I'm afraid to hit the ground
Refrain 2:
Memories of those I've known
Pass before my eyes
I fly, to the rainbows end
Far across the skies
Where forgiveness waits for me
To soothe my troubled mind
Who knows, if there is really gold to find
(I know, that there is really gold to find)
Can't you see the eagle crossing there up high
Proud like a king he sails
The wind he calls his bride
Oh I would like to join him
Im sure he knows the way
Together we will fly
Yes we will fly some day