Blizzza - You Don't Know (Ft. Blizzza) Lyrics

I don't need fame I'm lit
I'm sick of people calling me sick
If that bar doesn't fit just a bit
I won't spit that s***
My homie Mac with a racket
Hasn't called me back yet
Playin' sick games or stuck in traffic
Man's career in my jacket's back packet
Ended ten or so peers still ain't enough for a snack yet
I started rap from a far
I had bad bars - I had slow flow though
But now - You don't know!
You don't know who I am!
I don't give a damn about your growth
You career - your music, or both
Just give me some bread or a loaf
Just send me some love like a dove
Because you don't know!
You don't know who I am!
You don't know who I am!
You don't know me, you don't know who I want to be
You don't know who I see as legendary
Legendary - yeah that's me
After this track is released
I'll be leaving a mark on this Earth's history, yo
Вот то сижу то лежу
Всю ночь свою рифму пишу
Сочиняю бомбу или мину
Руками вяжу что вижу
Скажы Саша - наша раша хороша?
Чуть чуть, кореша - не буду прощаться
Пока не прощай, пока не пока!
Вы все бля проссались, бросались
Карьерный рост повышали, но я пришёл - вы проспали
Ничего не знали, ничего не ожидали (yo, yeah, mm)
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