Bodi - Kratos (Ft. Murder Dice) Lyrics

Until the day I'm pushing daffodils, I have to fill my cup
And trust in love that busts the seams until my chest erupts
And plucks my heart into a symphony that won't give up
Ashes to magic and bones to dust
I love this crust I'm standin on, until dawn sings a tragic song
And when it's gone I'll move along, but I won't find a greener lawn
Than what's here atop this sphere - we're movin through the years
Fear of living now and here, when life pass, don't steer clear
Crack a beer and give yourself a toast
It's the journey of a lifetime - you play the host
Eternally a peasant, that's cause I go for broke
In hopes of painting stars in sky, to pierce the smoke
And I can't die, life and I have chosen to elope
I wrote an epitaph in snares and claps to get myself to cope
And in the ever after I can't get myself to float
Unless I'm giving other children safety vests of hope
[Chorus: Murder Dice]
Until the sun burns out in the sky
I'm that goddamn thorn in your side
Fire in my eyes, you can't see
I would save you if you'd just let me
[Verse 2: Bodi]
The fact is my happiness comes after matching Lazarus
In craftiness I practice this static blasting magicness
And match it with an ass to kiss from lady luck on mattresses
Cause rappin is my stackin chips, and manifestin happiness
Ask me if my passion is available for purchase
My assurance is it's furnished with nothing but the worthless
Grab a surface you can work with, paint a picture perfect
When the hearse is perched with purpose - you have to give the verdict
Judge and jury, have mercy, we hurry to the grave
And sell our souls along the way so road to gold is paved
Stake my claim inside this frame that we proclaim's a masterpiece
Horns on half these battered thieves and halos on these master chiefs
Who seek a piece of heaven, reaching for that preacher's blessin
I see angels every day that I go to the sev-eleven
Steppin through the paradise, god don't have a hand in scriptin
We spread our wings when we give out a hand for liftin