Bohn Shonay - In Russia Lyrics

Yes in Russia fish eat bear
In Russia nezar doesn’t have the eyes to stare
In Russia, Rick ross doesn’t know pears
And in Russia, Shoes buy you in pairs
In Russia, child pays healthcare
And in Russia, god is one who says prayer
In Russia, evan C doesn’t chase ace
And in Russia, wrist slit grace
In Russia, North korea is a beautiful place
And in Russia, white people season their steaks
In Russia, your sexualality can’t be embraced
Unless it’s straight
And In Russia pencil erase
And In Russia we stash nukes in case
And in Russia we have an arms races
And in Russia, we don’t care if we have an armistice
We nuke bases
And we fuck rapists
And we tear pages
Hating gayness
We’re shameless
World domination, yea we’re totally aimless
In Russia all shit is the opposite
In Russia we don’t censor news
We’re totally moderate
And In Russia, Putin wins all debates
Communist state
Putin dictates
Soviet union, next the soviet America
Mail Order bride
Fuck around and marry her
This is very short song
In Russia this shit is 30 minutes long