Bomer - Loyalty is all i kno (Ft. Bomer) Lyrics

Whooaa , All i kno (Bombandszxx) its all i kno , Whooa (2x)
Loyalty is all i kno (14x)
[Verse 1]
Loyalty is all i kno. and i'll never trust ah ho, and i'll never cuff ah ho
These bitches they come and go , Its Bandgangx How you ain't kno ?
My niggas is trained to go , My niggas be ready to blow ! so fuck
Nigga don't get smoked , this field shit ain't no joke. i be toting
Guns under my coat, never know when its time for you to go. Stay strapped
For this long ass road, dee-guwap das really my bro , teebands that's really my bro !
Everybody know im da man , gotta keep ah toolie in my hand, fuck niggas better understand !
Cook ah nigga like pots and pans ! Windows tinted like some ray-bans . Fuck you !
Don't need new friends , murk yo ass. you won't speak again ! my niggas is down to ride !
In the hood we might ride by ! in your we gon do a drive by ! fuck around and catch homicides!
That bullshit ain't gonna slide .shooting on sight. Watching on my right
Im ready to die ! For my bros im ready to die !
Loyalty is all i kno (14x)
All i know (whoa) its all i know (Bandgangx)